How to make mosquito net hat

How to make mosquito net hat?

If you live in a hot climate or country, chances are you are well aware of the dangers of a mosquito bite! Mosquitoes carry quite a few horrible diseases that may range from common ones such as dengue and malaria to quite dangerous ones such as West Nile disease. In this article we discuss how to make mosquito net hat?

The fact of the matter is that it is best to prevent exposure and consequent biting by mosquitoes as compared to getting treatment for them! Worldwide, close to 4.2 million people have succumbed just to dengue since treatment is not always readily available or it might not work. To deter biting and subsequent infection from mosquitoes, a very good and non-toxic prevention measure you can opt for is a mosquito net!

What is a mosquito net?

best mosquito head net

This is perhaps one of the best and low tech and an easily available source of protection against mosquito bites! This consists of a finely meshed curtain that you can attach to your sleeping area or your bed so that mosquitoes are unable to fly or pass through. This creates a protective barrier between you and the potential infection.

It will also help deter other insects and bugs from venturing near you and your loved ones as they sleep. However, when you are on the move, you can’t possibly travel with the net on you at all times! This is where a mosquito net hat comes in. This is exactly why today’s review is based on the procedure on how to make mosquito net hat and before we get to that let’s go over some of the main benefits.

Benefits of mosquito net hats

As we mentioned before, the main benefit of wanting to opt for a mosquito netting hat instead of other options is that it is the best way to get excellent protection from mosquito bites if you are on the move!

Another benefit is that while a lot of the mosquito repellants and lotions claim that they are nontoxic, you can never be too sure! That and the fact that they leave you with a horrible smell and greasy skin are good enough reasons to want an alternative.

Another benefit of buying a mosquito net hat instead of using toxic sprays is that these sprays can be dangerous to inhale! They can especially be harmful to your children if not used properly and they do not protect from mosquitoes that are coming in during the night.

The cost of creating your mosquito net hat is also super less! It’s a one-time cost because you can keep reusing it. On the other hand, repellent heaters or sprays have to be frequently bought as they finish! Most netting is also made from nylon and polyester so it will last you for longer. It is also quite easy to clean and is lightweight so you won’t have to worry about anything!

Now, let’s get to the main point of today’s article! Let’s look over this step by step guide on how to make mosquito net hat!

What you will need

  • A hat
  • 2 yards of Mosquito Netting (this should be wide enough to cover your head on both sides)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sewing materials or a piece of elastic

The first step is to find a hat:

This might not cost you any extra money if you have one lying around that you barely ever use! Make sure that the hat is a perfect fit on your head because this will prevent it from falling. If it has a larger brim, this will be a definite plus as it will allow the netting to fall adequately around your face while also keeping it away from it.

The next step is to buy your mosquito net!

Bear in mind that just a normal net will not do because it might not have the right measurements of the distance between the net weaves. This might mean that your hat will be useless as insects might easily get through. If you are confused, you can easily buy mosquito netting online from some sources.

We recommend getting it from Walmart because it is pretty cheap, completely reliable, and readily available. However, if you do not have Walmart nearby, we recommend ordering any of the 4 start reviewed options from Amazon! Make sure the dimensions are good enough to be enough to cover your head and shoulders on both sides. It also does some good if the netting can reach your arms. You can always fold it up if you desire! Better safe than sorry!

The next step is to assemble the materials:

Get your hat and place it on a level surface. Then get your mosquito netting and fold it at least twice so that it offers maximum protection. The additional layers will ensure you remain protected from the tiniest bugs.

Next, place the netting right in the middle of the hat and cut a hole in the center of the netting so that it can be positioned over the top of the hat. This will allow you to push the net down enough but not too much that it would slip off. To ensure that the netting stays in place, you could make use of a sewing machine or a needle to stitch the net firmly around the top of the hat.

This will ensure it does not move and the double layers stay in place. However, if you can’t be bothered to put that much effort into it, we recommend finding a sturdy piece of elastic such as a headband and placing it on top so that the netting is adequately held tight in place. You could also use safety pins to stick the netting in place! This part of the process depends entirely on you and your preference!

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