How to Make Camping Shower

How to Make Camping Shower

If you are an experienced camper, globe trotter, traveler, explorer, or just an avid hiker, you will know the importance of a nice long shower when you return to the comfort of your home! While it is very fulfilling to rough it out every once in a while, nothing can beat the comfort of a nice hot shower to calm you down and help you relax. That’s why we think that everyone should know how to make a camping shower on their own! Yes, you heard us right!

You can easily accomplish this seemingly difficult task and that too with just a few necessary items! It doesn’t take a lot of skill either and with our oncoming detailed guide and 3 main methods, you will become a pro at setting up your camping shower in no time. There are quite a few reasons why you might want to do this! The most obvious one is that you are camping and it is difficult to find a good place to take a shower.

Another reason might be that you are on the move exploring the countryside in your RV or car and want to find cheaper ways to take a nice shower without having to go through the hassle of finding the right location that has a hotel or inn.

Why Would You Want To Know How To Make Camping Shower?

So, it is quite normal for this question to pop into your mind! It sounds like a lot of work and could be quite the experiment so shouldn’t you just spend a little bit more money and just buy a readymade camping shower attachment? Well, of course, you could but that does involve you needing a portable diy pressurized water tank that would take up way too much space. You could honestly utilize that space in your car for a back seat camping mattress instead!

Not only is this idea of investing in a DIY space-saving, but it is also quite cost-effective! It is cheaper because you can find most of the items you will need on hand and in your home so you do not need to spend large amounts. A good camping shower tent that you wish to buy will cost you anywhere around 50 to 200 dollars depending on the gallon capacity and BTUs that it offers. Not to mention the constant maintenance that it will require.

Another reason why you would want to learn how to make a camping shower is that you might be on the road or out in nature to find yourself. You want to be isolated from everything and that includes complicated technology. For this to be a truly freeing and teaching experience, we recommend making something from scratch and thus attaining that sense of self-achievement and fulfillment that we all crave!

Finally, we think it is a great option for survival skills. In case something goes wrong with your plans and you want to shower hygienically, you need to be quick on your feet and have the necessary tools lying around to create a makeshift camping shower. It is an excellent option for those who are continuously traveling

What are the alternative diy camping shower?

Of course, there are quite a few alternative options that you may choose from! If you think it is not worth the hassle to make your camping shower, we suggest that you check out one of the hundreds of options available online! There are many portable and versatile camping shower options to choose from and they range in all sorts of price points that will allow you to find something for everyone.

You might want to consider a diy solar shower one because this means while you are out on the road, you will find an unlimited power source for free! We will discuss one DIY method to make something similar to this as well if you like to make things on your own and don’t like to rely on devices too much.

Now, Let’s Move Onto The Main Methods We Have On How To Make Camping Shower!


Option Number 1

Water Camping Shower Bag

Water camping shower bag

If you like many others have been to the beach as a kid and love getting dirty in the sand then you will also love the soothing feeling of finally being able to wash it all off later in the shower there. The only problem with that is that it is probably going to be quite crowded and that’s why it will not be as nice as having your own!

What you will need

  • A sturdy plastic bag
  • Something sharp to pole holes

That’s why we present the idea of a water bag road shower!

How to use

The simplest option for this is to find a nice tree and attach a sturdy plastic bag filled with water to it. Then poke the tiniest holes in the middle of your bag and voila!

You have your very own portable and convenient water bag shower. Of course, you can also spend a little money and get a proper water bag for this! There are a lot of excellent options available on Amazon and they range from 10 dollars to 100! The best thing about these is that many of them come with a hose attached. This hose means that you have a complete shower for use.

Of course, unlike the DIY method of poking out holes, you won’t get the necessary features such as a good water flow and temperature adjustment. To be fair a water bag shower is pretty basic and this might not have an advanced set of features that you are used to.

What you will need

  • A portable water bag shower

However, it can be a solar-powered option that absorbs the sun’s rays and in turn, gives you warm and hot water for a pvc shower. These are usually matte black to absorb the most heat from the sun and retain it as well.

How to use

There are no difficult steps with this option as all you have to do is fill up the bag with water, attach its nozzle or hose and then place it in a location where it gets a ton of sun energy. Once you think it has warmed up enough, you can simply tie it to a tree or a pole and the rest is simple as can be! You can select the quantity of water you wish to use and this is usually in gallons but will increase the price points as it increases. The benefits of this option are immediately apparent!

It is cheap and all in one solution where it is also user-friendly. You will not have to spend time figuring out various steps and it is super easy to set up as well. So it is perfect for the inexperienced user that wants a quick and convenient method. Even though you could hold the bag over yourself to shower in case there are no trees or poles available, we do not recommend it as that can get tricky.

Another drawback is that in case you are in a seriously cold and even snowy climate, you will unfortunately not get to make use of the sun to heat your water bag. A good alternative is to heat it via your campfire. If you boil water from a lake or nearby river, you will also be effectively killing all of the bacteria and germs in it and getting sanitary and clean water to bathe with. However, this might take longer and might not be as effective.

When talking about how to minimize the cost as much as possible, you can create your own cheaper prototype of this with a really good quality water bag and a watering hose. Those are the only two materials you will need along with a connector. At the top of the water bottle connect the hose and once you have filled in your hot water, you can simply let gravity give you a nice warm shower! It is easy to refill, it is quite cheap and it won’t make you dependent on the sun.

Option Number 2

Garden Hose Camping Shower

Garden hose camping shower

Now, this next option is a little more in the MacGyver ballpark of DIY camping showers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is harder to set up but we do think that it might need a little skill to master! However, this option does provide what our previous one did not! A pressurized showering experience.

Of course, showering can be considered a luxury in the outdoors especially if you are on a budget but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your ingenuity and this guide to create a great portable and affordable camping shower for your use. The obvious difference between our garden hose camping shower contraption and the water bag version is that this one will not require you to need the sun or tie your shower bag from a tree.

When you want to use this option, you will get wonderful pressure by just a turn of the hose. This is an excellent option if you are camping in a particularly muddy and dirty area or if you are going to get way too dirty to just use wet wipes. After a long day of hiking and trekking, you will certainly appreciate the convenience of this product. However to make this you will need a few things which luckily can be found at any hardware store!

Here’s what you will need

  • A Garden hose
  • An adapter
  • A hose clamp
  • A garden hose sprayer or nozzle

Buying all of these parts should be pretty easy and quite affordable too. If you have a garden hose available for use, you will even save up some money with available parts. However, we do recommend that you buy a wider nozzle or sprayer because you want a proper amount of water to fall out hence providing you an adequate amount of coverage for cleaning.

You do not want a weak spray rather, you want a good pressurized experience and you can easily ask your local hardware store to recommend you a nozzle or pipe that grants the most flow. Whether you want a sprayer or a plain nozzle is entirely up to you but we recommend the pressurized nozzle because it ensures that you can manage your water better. You don’t want it to flow out all at once.

You will also require a smaller hose clamp and a barbed adapter for the hose. This hose will be your sealant and will ensure that there are no leaks or dripping so you can conserve and use your water source efficiently.

How to use

Next, we are going to figure out how you will set up your garden hose camping shower. The first step is to attach your sprayer or nozzle to your garden hose via the barbed connector. This will ensure that you have a tightly sealed sprayer that will be more effective than just water pouring out at you. It will conserve more water too. The other benefit is that it will undoubtedly allow you to ensure your contraption is leak-free.

If you want to further ensure that the hose does not leak in any circumstance, we recommend adding on the hose clamp and this will make sure that your attachments are tightly installed. After everything has been attached and your device is set up, all you need to do now is use the water hose to spray out the water. Since it will use the pressure from the nozzle and hose, you won’t have to attach it to any tree or hold it.

You also have the freedom to practically make use of any source of water, although we do recommend that you keep some water in your trunk. It might not be drinking water but we wouldn’t recommend using water straight from a lake or river because this contraption has no way to ensure that it can kill bacteria.

The water will also most likely be cold since this device has no method to heat the water. Again, you may easily boil river water as this will give you a good supply and it will be sanitized. However, this will take up a good portion of your time.

Option Number 3

Portable Heater Camping Shower

Portable Heater Camping Shower

Our last and final option and method on how to make a camping shower is going to be the portable diy camp shower heater option! This as the name suggests consists of the user purchasing a portable water heater to have an excellent source of hot water for soothing showers outside. Of course for this option, you will need to have a big enough space to transport the heater and its other requirements so maybe it is not for backpackers or hikers.

It does have a lot of advantages, however, such as versatile use! If you buy a water heater and not just a full-fledged camping shower online, you will be able to use the heater for warm water to sanitize clothes and your dishes in your RV’s sink. The most important element in this purchase will be the standard canister of propane that you will need. These are the two main elements that have to be bought and maintained, the rest is quite easy to manage.

One thing to consider about this option is that since you are making this much of an effort, you will undoubtedly want that amazing pressure that will wash away all of the dirt and grime that you might have accumulated throughout your camping trip. This is why you want a good flow rate.

This will be measured in gallons per minute and will be the perfect shower for anyone who wants a luxurious bathing source without having to rely on stops along the way. We recommend this option for long-term travelers so if you are living in your RV or car and journeying for an extended period, this will allow you to feel clean, sanitary, and refreshed so that you have a good camping experience.

One important consideration in our opinion is to be in tune with the temperature of your water heater. We do not recommend opting for a setting higher than 100 degrees because anything above that might scald you. Also, a lower and warmer setting will ensure you preserve your propane burner for later use.

Here’s what you will need

  • A portable water heater
  • A freshwater tank
  • A shower head attachment
  • A propane canister
  • A 12V plug attachment

The shower-head attachment might already be included as part of your water heater. Of course, if it doesn’t come with it, or if you want a specific sprayer or nozzle, then you can easily find these at your local hardware store.  The 12-volt plug attachment is included because it provides a good alternative to having to buy a separate power source such as rechargeable batteries. You can easily attach this to your car.

How to use

When you have assembled all of the items that we have listed above, the next step is to set up our portable water heater camping shower. Though it certainly sounds more technical, we think this method is pretty easy to assemble since the water heater is practically doing everything else for you! This is the best option for all those users who have lots of storage space for their tank, heater, and additional accessories and it will result in the most luxurious and effective option on our list today!

The first step is to attach both the water heater and the fresh water tank to each other. The benefit of the freshwater tank is that it is a great way to store a good amount of fresh water for your use apart from just showering. Then, you can proceed to attach your heater to your heating source! We recommend the propane canister because it is easily available, convenient to use and if you are traveling in an RV, chances are you already have one!

Next, decide on your main power source. These may be rechargeable batteries since those can be charged with your car’s adapter or it might even be a 12-volt plug that you can attach straight to your car’s cigarette burner. The choice is entirely up to you! Your next step will be to connect the shower head attachment but if you are buying a water heater, you will find a lot of these come with their attachments.

Once all of your items and parts are properly attached, all that is left is to turn your propane canister on, turn the water heater on, let it heat up, and then pull the shower head attachment for a nice warm showering experience.

In conclusion, we have now reached the end of our guide on how to make a camping shower all by yourself. We hope this has been an illuminating experience and has allowed you to gain a greater perspective on how to use these DIY hacks to create something you and your loved ones can make use of! We will leave you with a few ending note tips and the first one is that if you are traveling in an RV or a car, it might be easier for you to take along an extra tarp to place underneath your shower so that you have a clean space to shower in.

It will also prevent your feet from getting dirty. There are also quite a few alterations that you can make to make your choice of portable camping shower better. Be sure to address your specific needs and then opt for any one solution. What applies to one situation might not apply to the next!

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