How to Dry the Inside Of a Bottle

How to Dry the Inside of a Bottle

The bottle appears to be an essential element of our active lifestyle. We use bottles for everything from water to wine, flower arrangements to storing items. You may use a bottle for a long time if you take excellent care of it. So, what do you do if it gets dirty? Is your job done if you merely scrub it and then rinse it? Not in the least. When it comes to fully drying the bottle, you never think twice.

Here is another typical wash-and-dry dilemma: It can be difficult to dry out the insides of glass decanters, bottles, and jars. We can’t air-dry them because the water condenses and becomes trapped, discoloring the glass over time. Only a genius could get a towel through their tiny apertures to dry them.

So and here is what you should do: Use a twisted paper towel and a bubbly mixture of vinegar and baking soda. As they soak into corners and crannies, the bubbles will do the work, and the twisted paper towel will absorb any residual water.

Overall Method of How to Dry the Inside Of a Bottle

Here we are going to give you an overall view about drying a bottle.

Add some Cleaning Agent

If the bottle has a removable cover, nipple, or other sections, take them apart. Pour a few drops of ordinary dish soap into the bottle’s opening. Then, halfway or more, fill the bottle with warm or cold water. Do not put the bottle in the sink to soak  since bacteria may be introduced. Set it in a basin that you only use to wash bottles if it needs to soak.

Use Brush For Scrubbing

Use a bottle brush that fits through the opening and is able to reach the base. To scrub the bottle completely, press the container brush against the side of the bottle and move it up, down, and around.

Empty And Rinse The Bottle

Throw the dirty water into the drain and refill the bottle with fresh water. Toss it out and re-rinse it. Continue this procedure two or three times more  to ensure that all of the soap has been removed. If the bottle remains dirty, do it all over again or try an alternative.

Allow the bottle to air upside down

Put the bottle on a clean, dry towel or drying rack upside down. If you try to wipe the interior of the bottle with a towel, germs may be transferred to the inside of the bottle.

Drying Plastic Bottle

Now let us begin with one of the most common types of plastic bottles. After a few days of use, the plastic bottle turns foggy. It happens when you don’t thoroughly dry it after cleaning it. Here’s how to quickly dry the interior of a bottle.

Rinse the bottle Properly

Due to scratches on the plastic bottle’s surface, residues may have built up. As a result, it is preferable to clean the bottle with lukewarm water and dish soap. Rinse the bottle thoroughly after washing it. It’s worth remembering that the faster the water dries, the better.

Remove Excess amount of Water

After cleaning the bottle, it’s time to drain any remaining water. Gently shake it outwards, with the aperture pointing away from you. To get rid of the surplus water, shake it three or four times.

Use Hair Dryer

Now let us look at a quick fix. To quickly dry the bottle, use a hair dryer. Turn the dryer on high and hold the bottle downward. Within the bottle, blow heated air. Water will drip into the dryer if there isn’t enough space between the dryer and the bottle.

If there is any water left in the bottle, give it another shake to get it out. Then, for another 2 to 3 minutes, shoot hot air into the bottle.

Drying Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. It may have corners where water can get collected, and it can grow discolored over time. Allow us to demonstrate two different magic tricks for drying glass bottles.

Make A foam

Fill the glass bottle halfway with vinegar, up to the two-inch mark. Baking soda should be added until it foams up. After that, scrape the bottle with a small brush. Scrub away any tenacious stains or grime. Finally, give it a good rinsing.

Rinse And dry

It’s time to use a paper towel to absorb any remaining wetness. Place a paper towel up to three-quarters of the way into the bottle to absorb any extra moisture. Don’t entirely enter a towel; otherwise, you won’t be able to remove it. Make sure the glass is dry before removing the towel.

Drying inside of Baby Bottle

It’s not difficult to dry infant bottles. You do have a lot of possibilities. You’ll learn the best way to dry baby bottles here. Drying the bottle with a baby bottle dryer is a common alternative for drying baby bottles. You can use an electric bottle dryer to dry bottles quickly and safely.

It not only dries but also sterilizes the bottle for up to 24 hours. This procedure saves you time while also ensuring the highest level of cleanliness. While drying, it also removes bacteria, germs, and mold from the bottle. So, invest in the best baby bottle drier to make your life easy.

For regular dish drying, there is indeed a specific dish drying rack. You could use this rack to dry the baby bottle. The majority of parents do so to dry infant bottles. However, this procedure is time-consuming. In addition, the dish rack may need to be sterilized in a few days.

Simply place the baby bottles in an upside-down position on the rack. In a few hours, all of the remaining water will have evaporated. Don’t worry if you really couldn’t buy a baby bottle dryer or a dish drying rack. You can still dry the bottle with a fresh dishtowel to make it more handy. Simply use the cloth to wipe it clean.


We talked about How to Dry the Inside of a Bottle in this article. You’ll want to clean them out first if you’re going to reuse them for different drinks or for decorating. To eliminate sticky residue and clean your bottles, you can use a bottle brush and dish soap, gravel or rice with dish soap, vinegar, and salt, or Alka-Seltzer.

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