How To Build Your Own Portable Tent Platform

How To Build Your Own Portable Tent Platform | An Ultimate Guide

Sleeping and resting on rocky and uneven ground are tiresome for everyone. Right? If you are a camper, you may have witnessed such issues several times on the way to your destination.

 We all love to travel and explore the world; but trust me, traveling is not a cup of tea for everyone. 

Apart from fun and joy, one feels plenty of challenges, hurdles, headaches, and camping issues in every step of traveling.

What to do in this situation? How to manage such prolonged restless nights and body aches given by roughy and Stoney ground? Are such questions messing up in your mind? 

Ohh, we can understand, it is a colossal pain for regular campers as everyone has their limits to bear. 

Alright, get pleased, we have come up with a vital solution, a portable tent platform. The bonus is its portability!

You may be wondering, how this tent platform is a genuine solution? Might be, you are also pondering, how to build your own portable tent platform.

Take a deep breath of happiness; spread a big smile on your face, and dig out our tips and tricks.

Why We Should Construct Portable Tent Platform- Explore The Reason

Camping is a joyous and peaceful experience for everyone as it enhances your experience of spending time in nature. But if you don’t know how to camp, your fun will badly ruin, and you will feel yourself in a dark well of sadness.

Have a look, what issues campers encounters while camping;

  • Camping at few places is hugely challenging; moreover, only a few tourists are aware of hilly areas and the consequences it brings, but many tyros are unable to handle such circumstances. 
  • Further, when you camp on the ground, you are also exposed to a lot of bugs and small animals. 
  • Very often, people carry clothes to protect themselves from rain, storm, and cold weather, packing a tent along with sleeping bags and ground tarps to make them comfortable. Ahh, all these things prove bothersome and do not let you cheer the real essence of traveling.
  • A human being is a weak and delicate species on earth as he needs the effort to protect himself and survive in camping. 

Hence, the helpful and practical solution to all these problems is to make your own portable tent platform and get rid of all these stresses. Well, a little experience can make you a proficient camper.

Although some travelers might say that it is not a big deal to spend the nights without a platform, one to two nights don’t matter a lot. In reality, when a traveler has to stay for a more extended number of days, your body starts to stiff and become tired because of sleeping in an uncomfortable and uneven place. 

Now, let us come straight to the question: how to build your own portable tent platform. In this article, you will find an elaborative procedure. So start right away and make your camping life much easier.

The Things You Require to Make Portable Tent Platforms- Note Down

The first thing you make sure of is that you have all the essential things. Without any of the things missing, you won’t be able to reach your desired result.

You will need sheets of plywood, 2 x 4s base, high-quality hinges made of stainless steel including tee nuts, insert nuts, butt hinges, eye bolts, utility hinges, strap hinges, a power drill, hammer, circular saw, hand saw, jigsaw, screwdrivers; all the tools used in woodworking.

Some Steps of Constructing Portable Tent Platforms

Although there are quite different ways on how to build a portable platform, one simple one of them being that you can simply use two big folding wooden tables, set them up alongside each other, and camp on them. 

Yet, we will brief you about making a platform that is more useful, strong, sturdy, and easily portable.

Just follow the below steps in our lead and you will end up having an amazing tent platform for you. We will tell you a lot of ways to make a tent platform. With and without a trailer, platform with walls.

1. Construction of Portable Platform Without A Trailer

It is your choice whether you want to make one big platform for your tent, or more than one small platform to set them up together for your tent. The size of the platform depends on the size of your tent you want to set up. 


Building a platform without a trailer is much easier and simple. It will take almost 2 to 3 hours and you will be done. The time spent will be worth the effort. Below is the briefing on how to build your own portable tent platform without a trailer.

  • Supplies Needed to Build Tent Platform

First of all the things you need are two sheets of plywood. These two sheets should be large enough to fit your tent on them when the sheets are placed side by side. If your tent is for two people, then the two plywood sheets of 4 x 8 will be enough. You also need 2 x 4s.

High-quality hinges are made of stainless steel so they won’t be rusted easily and screws are needed to bind everything in your platform together. You will also need a power drill, hammer, circular saw, hand saw, jigsaw, screwdrivers hence all the tools used in woodworking.

  • Steps to Follow 

Start with building the frame with the 2 x 4s; to the perimeter of the boards. Now you have to place the plywood sheets in the frame. The sheets should be placed side by side. 

To make the platform foldable, you have to attach hinges. 

These hinges should be attached inwards on the sides of both plywood sheets where the sheets meet each other when placed side by side. Make sure that the hinges you place should be equally distanced. Now the product you get is two plywood sheets hinged together so that they can be easily foldable in half the size and portable. 

If you think that the 2 x 4s of your platform is not sturdy enough to provide sufficient support when you open the platform, apply more strength to it by attaching more beams on each side of the frame. This will provide it with more strength. 

If you want your platform to be elevated from the ground, you can add foldable legs to it too. On each corner of the 2 x 4s base, add a leg by attaching it through hinges to make it easily foldable. This way when you unfold the sheets and then the legs, your elevated platform is ready to set on a tent. 

This is the simplest way to make a portable tent platform. Whenever you need you can pop it open, put your tent on top of it, attach a portable ladder, and there you go. You are ready to enjoy the wonders of nature. Stay as long as you want without physically paining your body.

2. Construction of Portable Platform with a Trailer

Most of the campers use trailers behind their cars to keep their things on it while traveling. 

Building a platform on your trailer provides you so much ease to get the idea of how big a platform you can support while traveling. Moreover, you can easily transport it anywhere by just attaching it behind your vehicle and there you go.

The trailer is strong so your portable tent platform will be built on a strong base. Let us tell you how you build your portable tent platform with a trailer. Just follow the steps and bam! There you have your platform. 

  • Steps to Follow to Get your Desired Platform with a Trailer

All your supplies are ready? Then start right away in our lead. 

To build the base of the platform, attach three 2 x 4s along the length of the trailer. If your trailer is 6 feet long, the number of 2 x 4s you need is nine. Place them on the inside of your trailer. If they are a little too big, cut the excess with a saw.

Now lay 2 x 4s along with the trailer and attach struts to them for support. Use screws to 

attach all the 2 x 4s to the trailer. Now attach the plywood sheet on top of these series of 2 x 4s. Use hinges to attach them to the support beams. Now cut the sheets from the middle and attach them through the hinges to the underlying platform. 

You can also attach foldable legs using hinges to the corners to get an elevated platform. Now you can easily have a platform on the trailer and transport it anywhere you want. You can lift to boards of the trailer to keep your other things underneath. So your portable tent platform on a trailer is done.

3. Construction of Portable Tent Platform With a Wall

First, you have to choose the place to make your tent platforms. Clear that location of any grass or rocks etc for stable working. Now lay out the stakes on the floor. This will help you decide where you want your platform to be positioned.

Now start with building the frame with the 2 x 4s alongside the perimeter of the boards. Place the plywood sheets in the frame. The plywood sheets should be placed such that they are like two pages of a book. Now, you have to attach hinges along the middle where both the plywood sheets meet.  

You have to make sure that the hinges you place should be equally distanced. This will balance the folding of the plywood sheets. Now the product you get is two plywood sheets hinged together so that they can be easily foldable in half the size and portable. 

If you feel that the sheets along with the board are not strong enough to support the weight of the tent and you attach more beams underneath in the corner in a cross to support it. To elevate or lift your platform off the ground, all you have to do is attach removable or foldable legs. 

On each corner of the base of the platform, attach a leg through a hinge such that whenever you want to fold your platforms, the leg could also be folded into easily. Now the basic platform is done. To make a wall platform, you need to make walls. As it is a portable tent platform, the walls you make should be removable.

To make walls, you need several planks of wood as long as the height you want of the walls.

For this, you need grids where you can insert the wall planks. Attach these grids to the planks on either side. Now attach one end to the platform using a drill of all the four corner planks. This way all your planks are standing up at the corners.

The next day you had to do is insert another four planks in the up grids horizontally; it will make your wall ready!

You can detach these by taking them out of the grids whenever you want. Now having a platform with walls is no big deal and it is portable. It adds up to your ease during traveling.

The detachable walls make it possible for you to detach them whenever you need to go and attach them again whenever you need to attach them again.  

4. Construction of a Simple Tent Platform

In addition to a portable tent, you should also know how to make a simple deck in the hour of need. For this, you will need timber, plywood sheets, screws, screwdriver, ax, saw, hinges, etc. 

  • Steps to Follow

First, you have to transport the lumber to the place you need to build a platform. For a tent with dimensions 11 feet by 14 feet, you need approximately 20 feet long lumber. Now place the wood on the boundaries by support. Join the corners of the frame by drilling nails. 

Your frame is ready!

On the corners, provide support by wooden beams such that after attaching the corners look like a triangle shape. Place the wooden sheets on the frame now. If any of the sheets is in excess, cut them out. Now drill the holes on all the boundaries on the frame. Bind the sheets to the frame by screws in the holes. Your temporary simple tent platform is ready.  

  • Portable Ladder For Portable Tent Platform

If your tent platform is elevated, you more likely need a ladder to get to your tent. We will also brief you about how you can make a portable ladder to save you the problem of getting on your platform.

You will need planks of wood, measuring tape, carriage bolts, washers, and lock washers, tools you need are a drill press, cordless drill, router, jigsaw, sandpaper. Gathered all the things?

Let us start!

First what you have to do is cut the wooden planks at an angle of 60 degrees. Cut this using a saw. You have to make sure that the planks are cut in the same length. Now line all the slates perfectly. Trim the ends if they are not even. 

You can use a rounding device to round the corners quickly and easily. Do it for each plank at the corners. This will make them look alike. Depending on how many steps you need, you can take the measurements. Figure out the spacing between the steps you need. 

Mark where you want your steps to be and join the planks through screws and nails. You can also use glue to make the joints tighter. Make sure all the steps are identical. Now let’s come to the back support of the ladder. 

The stretchers provide back support; hence, use joints to attach the stretcher to give the back support to the ladder. Now add a folding action to the ladder. You have to cut at an angle to make the ladder fold. Glue all the joints together at the end. There you go. Your portable ladder for your portable tent platform is done!

  • Tent platforms are affordable

Tent platforms are a cheap camping structure. They can be made under 100 dollars easily. The things it is made from like wood and screws can be bought for under 100 dollars. Any traveler can make a tent platform and increase the charm of traveling.

  • Modify It As Per Your Convenience

There are a lot of things you can do with your platform once it is built. This will add up to the comfort it provides you during traveling. You can add carpet to it. Covering up the wood of the platform saves it from fading away.

You can even apply another layer of wood of finer quality to make it look presentable. An addition of a ladder to the elevated platform adds up to your ease. You can add LED lights on your platforms to make it look cool at night. 

Qualities of A Good Portable Tent Platform

A good build tent platform should have the following characteristics

  • It can be moved from one place to another easily and conveniently. 
  • It should be easy to set up anywhere you want. 
  • It should be strong and sturdy to support your tent and you.
  • It should be elevated enough to save you from intruding bugs and animals.
  • Its surface should be flat and smooth.
  • It should be big enough to accommodate your tent.

Advantages of Having A Portable Tent Platform

Having a portable tent platform is not only comfortable but also makes your life easy on trips.

If you are on long trips to natural places, your tent should be comfortable enough for you to stay. Setting up your tent on a platform saves you the discomfort of flooding the tent, sleeping on rocky ground, bugs, and animals, etc. it makes your trip easy. 

If you like to spend a lot of time in your tent, having a cup of hot coffee, and enjoying yourself, tent platforms are a huge help to you to make your stay peaceful and enjoyable. 

Tent platforms are highly profitable for young campers because their bodies are not used to physical exertion much. Also to old campers, whose bodies can take much stress anymore.

Thanks to portable tent platforms, now you can easily enjoy your camp life because it provides you the comfort because of which you can stay a long time on the trip. 

Portable Tent Platform- Our Summary

It is crystal clear that a tent platform is vital and immensely beneficial for every traveler, especially those who want to camp for an extended period.

Above all, the ways you can use to make the platform are also pretty clear? Am I Right?

So, it is time to kick out the discomfort and inconvenience of rocky terrain, and creatively build your own renting platform.

We wish you more powers to make your desired tenting platforms, indeed, portable tenting platforms.

Here you go!

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