G Shock Tough Solar Watches List 2021

Top 10 G Shock Tough Solar Watches List 2021

Whether you are military personnel, someone who works in a highly technical environment, or simply a collector of watches, the G-Shock range has something for everyone! Casio is a brand that is consistent at creating wristwatch masterpieces that can withstand the test of time and look stylish simultaneously!

To make your journey for today a bit easier, we are going to be giving you a rundown of Casio tough solar watches. This means they have Casio’s premium solar technology which we will be elaborating on within our reviews as this is the main topic for the day.

This technology has worked to revolutionize how users interact with watches and we look forward to discussing what that means for the average watch buyer.

In a hurry? Consider choosing G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 collar watch as it comes with all the bells and whistles that you expect from a top G-Shock touch collar watch. The reasonable price tag and premium quality of the watch makes it a premium wearable for you without breaking the bank.

Apart from an extensive G-shock tough solar watches list, we have also added an informative buying guide that will let you know what features to consider. This, along with the FAQ section will shed more light on this topic and ultimately will enable you to make your choice!

After you have gone over this handy table below, we are going to dive straight into the main features of each of our 10 picks!

G Shock Tough Solar Watches List

G Shock Tough Solar Watches Features Check Price
Casio men’s AE1000 Watch 10-year warranty Check Price
G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 Lithium metal battery included Check Price
Casio G-Shock GWM5610-1 Watch 10-month battery light Check Price
Casio GW7900B Classic Watch Resin and mineral dial window Check Price
Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Dual LED light Check Price
GA-100CF-1A9DR Casio Wristwatch Black resin case Check Price
Casio G-Shock GA100CM-5A Watch 2-year manufacturer warranty Check Price
Casio G-Shock Men’s Watch Backlight included Check Price
Casio G-Shock Quartz Sports Watch Analog Digital Display Check Price
Casio G-Shock GA100-1A2 Speedometer 200-meter water resistance Check Price


 Casio men’s AE1000 Watch


  • 10-year warranty
  • LED light
  • Countdown timer
  • Button operation
  • Dual time formats


  • Buttons too responsive

First up, on our list for G-Shock Tough Solar Watches List we have the Casio men’s AE1000 Watch, and this product is mostly made in the United States but is also routinely imported as well. You can depend on the durability and dexterity of Casio watches so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Moving onto its main features, we see that this watch has been fitted with an LED light and this light-emitting diode is what essentially lights up the entire watch. This will allow you to view your watch even in low-light conditions and enhances your experience with it.

Another feature that we love is its dual-hour format options. This product can show both 12 and 24-hour formats. This is a feature that is quite common in G-Shock grade watches. Of course, the impressive G-Shock resistance is also an undeniably good feature.

Other features include the 1/100 second stopwatch, the full auto-calendar, and the Countdown Timer. These along with its excellent 10-year warrantywork together to ensure that you are investing in a worthwhile product!

The only issue with this watch is that the responsiveness and sensitivity on the buttons of this watch have been cited to be too much. This means it can be triggered by any light movement or motion and that can unintentionally make you change your settings.

This is a frustrating aspect however, there is a button operation tone that will alert you in case this occurs. Of course, this is not a solution to the problem but it is certainly a step in the right direction.


G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400


  • Centrifugal force resistant
  • 200-meter waterproof depth
  • Lithium metal battery included
  • Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping
  • Altimeter included


  • Tabs are not durable

Up next, we have the G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400and this is one of the best G-shock solar atomic watches on our G-Shock tough solar watches list. Of course, since this is a G-shock grade watch, it can resist all impact forces and centrifugal ones as well.

This resistance is extended to withstanding a very high water pressureso it is excellent for those users who love engaging in water sports or work in wet conditions. Its 200-meter waterproof depth is an excellent way to ensure that nothing gets in the way of you living your life to the fullest!

Although it is solar-powered, the coolest thing is that it is also powered by a strong lithium metal battery that is included in the package. You will also appreciate its extra special features such as the Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping and the additional altimeter.

Both these features help ensure that no matter how far or frequently you travel, your time formats and experience will remain accurate and immediate! Perfect for users on the go!

One area where we think this product could do better, however, isthe tabs that keep it closed. These look and feel great but many users have noticed that they might not be as durable as we would expect. They are prone to breaking and that’s not ideal.

However, other than this one gripe, we can’t essentially find many faults with this durable device. It is best for both analog and digital watch users who want a reliable option out of countless available on the market.


Casio G-Shock GWM5610-1 Watch


  • 10-month battery life
  • Shock resistant
  • 660-feet water resistance
  • EL backlight
  • 29 world time zones


  • Easily triggered

The Casio G-Shock GWM5610-1 Watch is another one of the impressiveG-shock watches on our G-shock tough solar watches list for today. This product is especially perfect for users who are constantly going to be traveling to and from various time zones. Want to know why?

Well, because it incorporates the World within its perfect little package. With 29 different timezones and the inclusion of 48 cities, you will get the accurate time reading that you deserve! This is also quite a long-lasting purchase since its approximate battery life is around 10-months.

Of course, this implies that the watch has a full charge and there is no extra light exposure that might reduce its effectiveness. This watch from Casio also goes above and beyond with extra features including a reliable EL backlight to make your nighttime viewing experience better.

This product will also get you an incredible water resistance that is fully-functional down to 200 meters. This means that while it might not be safe for deep-sea diving, it is a perfect option for other light water-based activities. Along with this, it also has a shock-resistance so that you can worry about it not getting damaged.

If there is one drawback that deserves a mention, it is the fact that its buttons might be too responsive and you might be thinking that’s not a flaw! However, you could unknowingly change the settings of your watch.


Casio GW7900B Classic Watch


  • 2-feet water resistant
  • Digital Japanese quart display
  • Automatic solar-powered
  • Tons of advanced features
  • Resin and mineral dial window


  • Not best for low-light situations

If you are on the lookout for the perfect G-shock solar atomic watch, then what is better than the Casio GW7900B Classic Watch? Of course, since the review for today is based on finding the best tough solar feature options, this product is completely powered by the sun and that grants it its atomic edge.

Other than this, if you are a global citizen who loves traveling then the fact that it will showcase a total of48 city worldwide times means that it will be perfect for you!Prepare to get accurate and reliable time readings no matter where you go! Other than this there is also an EL backlight to make viewing at night much easier.

Some of the most impressive features that this watch comes fitted with include both 12 and 24 hour formats, a tide/moon graph, a 1/100-second stopwatch, a reliablealarm that also contains an option for snooze function, differentcalendars, and 31 time zones.

One of the features that genuinely make this a great investment is how beautifully it has been designed. This watch is made with a sleek 19mm resin casethat has amineral dial window.Speaking about the impressive design, there is also a Japanese quartz movementthat goes perfectly with the digital display.

We love that this watch is super resistant to water flow and pressure since it can go down as deep as 656.2-feet.So while it is great for water sports and activities, it might not be the best choice for diving. The one area where this watch might be lacking is its low-light performance.

It is unfortunately pretty difficult to view the watch’s face properly especially during the nighttime. However, with impressive features, you will find that it is not exactly a deal-breaker and there are a ton of reasons why you can easily choose this on our G-Shock tough solar watches list.


Casio G-Shock Mudmaster


  • Multi-band 6
  • Dual LED light
  • Vibration resistant frame
  • 200-meter water resistance


  • Temperature functions need time

For this G-shock tough solar review, we now move onto a model that is quite popular thanks to the impressive amount of features that it comes with. We are of course talking about the Casio G-Shock Mud master. This watch has it all! From advanced features to the common basics!

You can expect nothing but the best from the mud master and the coming features will prove exactly why. We begin with its design and structure. This product has beendesigned to enduretough solar conditions. So you can be sure that this will not affect its performance in any case.

Another area where it excels is its water-resistance as it can withstand about 200-meters making it a great option for the occasional swimming pool. Moving onto all the extra and advanced features that it provides, we love the barometric pressure/altitude, the vibration-resistant frame, and the temperature readings.

The reason why this device is such a good pick as a G-shock multiband 6 tough solar watch is thanks to its Multiband 6 functionality! This ensures that it will automatically readjust the time depending on what signal reception it is getting. This could be from one ofthe six-time calibrations!

These include 2 from Japan, one from the United States, one from Germany, one from China, and finally from England.The dual LED light is also quite impressive since it proves impressive readability and also illuminates the entire watch face perfectly.

While it does have excellent temperature readings as we mentioned earlier, the only issue with this is that they might need some time to recalibrate. This is due to them being in close contact with your body heat that doesn’t always stay constant. This might be inconvenient but it shouldn’t deter you from buying this watch otherwise.


GA-100CF-1A9DR Casio Wristwatch


  • Black Analog / Digital dial
  • Black resin case and band
  • Quartz movement
  • 200 meters water resistance


  • Not great for low-light conditions

The GA-100CF-1A9DR Casio Wristwatch is an impressive option for today’s list of G-shock tough solar watches. This device has a special Quartz movement that uses specialized crystals and a battery to effectively tell the time. This is far more reliable than mechanical versions.

The best thing about this g-shock grade watch is that it offers both a stylishblack Analog display and also has a classic yet Digital dialthat is made edgier by the skeletal hands. This theme is consistent with the rest of the watch as well since there are a black resin case and a black resin band.

Apart from this, one of its best features is that it can withstand quite a bit of water resistance. It can be taken down200 metersat a time. While we feel that this is otherwise a perfect option, this watch does lack in its low-light readability. The reason behind this is that it means for early mornings or late evenings, you might have to struggle a bit.


Casio G-Shock GA100CM-5A Watch


  • Magnetic shock resistance
  • Auto light switch
  • 29 time zones
  • LED light
  • 2-year warranty


  • Not a ton of features

The Casio G-Shock GA100CM-5A Watch is another formidable contender in this G-Shock tough solar watch list. What we love the most about this product has to be its warranty! It ensures your purchase is covered for a period of 2-years so you can buy it in full confidence.

Of course, since it is a G-shock product, you will also find that its resistance to bothimpact and centrifugal forcesis quite sturdy and durable. This watch can take quite a bit of shock and not bend or break under pressure. Its LED light also shines through and illuminates the entire watch face.

The magnetic resistanceon this product is just as impressive since this makes sure that you will not have to deal with any interference. Your settings will remain untouched and you will have a wonderful experience with your watch overall.

Some additional features that any user will appreciate are the glow feature for easily finding it, the auto light switch,and theselectable illumination duration.

Other than this, the fact that it successfully operates in 29 Time Zones and across 48 Citiesmakes this quite the purchase if you are always hopping from one plane to the next. You also have the option to either turn your coordinated universal time mode on or off as per desire.

While it is undeniable that this product has a decent list of features, they are not quite as impressive as some other G-shock variants. This means that while it has the basics covered, it might not have the competitive edge that you might be looking for. That being said, for its price, its features are quite impressive.

Casio G-Shock Men’s Watch


  • Excellent Backlight
  • Analog and digital display
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Water and shock-resistant


  • Might be too lightweight

Moving on with this G-shock tough solar watches list, we are now reviewing the Casio G-Shock Men’s Watch.  This product has so much to offer! The first aspect that users will appreciate is its overall lightweight design and construction! Not only that but it has also been designed to be comfortable.

The reason behind this excellent comfort feature is the fact that it has been designed with aresin material shell and band that will not cut off circulation while also keeping the watch firmly in place. This makes it perfect for activities like running or jogging where you tend to move a lot.

However, there has been criticism about this product being too lightweight. You might be thinking that can’t possibly be an issue right? Well, for watch enthusiasts and especially those who are G-shock fans, a lightweight option might not be as enticing.

Other than this, we don’t see any potential drawbacks that might deter you from investing in this product. One aspect where it truly shines is its water and shock resistance. This will ensure that in case of an accident or a sudden dip in a water body, your watch should be safe and sound.

Like with most options on this list, we also love that this model displays the time both digitally and with a sleek analog format. You get both the modern touch and the classic dial design that makes wrist watches unique. The backlight ensures you will read the time perfectly no matter the lighting conditions.

Finally, with this product, you will certainly appreciate its impressive side button format for the stopwatch and the countdown timer! You have more accessibility without the buttons dampening your watch’s style! All-in-all, quite the impressive buy!


Casio G-Shock Quartz Sports Watch


  • Resin case and strap
  • Shock-resistant
  • 20 time zones
  • Magnetic LED Light
  • Analog Digital Display


  • None really

The G-shock solar smartwatch that we have for you next is called the Casio G-Shock Quartz Sports Watch. This device is an ultra-stylish model from Casio since it has been fitted with a black resin case and strap material. Other than this there is also a Mineral Crystal design on this.

However, one area where it truly is great has to be its shock resistance. Since this is a G-Shock grade device you will love that it is impact resistant and resistant to centrifugal forces as well. You get both Analog and Digital displays with this device as well so versatility is its strong suit.

Thanks to the inclusion of itsMagnetic LED Light, you will be able to view its face even in the worst low-light situations making your experience all that easier! This is also a product that ensures World Time compatibility since it works across29 Time Zones that include 48 Cities.

Finally, with its 1/1000 Second Stopwatchand the Countdown Timer, you are set to get the perfect experience with this watch. All that and practically no drawbacks? What more could a user want!?


Casio G-Shock GA100-1A2 Speedometer 


  • Dial rings and raised hour markers
  • Shock, water,and magnetic resistance
  • Anti-slip over-sized buttons
  • Tons of advanced features


  • Night light not that effective

The last product on today’s G-shock tough solar watches list is called the Casio G-Shock GA100-1A2 Speedometer. This device is one of the best on our rundown of G-shock solar smartwatches. One of the most impressive features of this product is its3D design.

Talking about it in more detail, you will see that both the Dial rings and thehour markersthat make its main display are raised to create a wonderful three-dimensional depth. This feature makes it easier to read but also gives it a nice look! You will not regret buying this watch if you are looking for a sleek and stylish piece.

Of course, coming to the most important aspect of this device, we love that it is so stylish while also being created specifically as a G-shock grade masterpiece! This watch is super shock-resistantand also grants impressive water-resistance as well.

One feature that any user will appreciate is that this watch comes equipped with nice over-sized buttons. Not only are they easier to access and press down on but they also have a modern checkered surface that is anti-slip in nature. This ensures that you will have a good, responsive feel when you operate it.

Other impressive features include 5 alarms, a 1/1000-second stopwatch, a World Time, and a velocity indicator. All of these combined ensure that you won’t have to compromise on any features that you might be looking for! The one letdown is that its night light isn’t as bright as expected.

Up next, we have our insightful Buying guide!

Now that we are done with our detailed G-shock tough solar watches list, we now recommend that you don’t miss out on the coming paragraphs! This is where our buying guide for today begins. In it, we will cover the most important features to look for in a G-Shock-worthy watch!

This will be an excellent opportunity for any user who has no prior experience, is looking to switch to a G-Shock model, or simply wants more information about this wonderful range. After this, we will also answer a few FAQs that will help clear out any further confusion and queries.

These are the features that all G-Shock watches must have to qualify as a good candidate!

  • 200M Water Resistance

This is a staple for most G-shock watches since they show a remarkable amount of resistance to quite a few pressures. Water pressure is one such inclusion on this list and it opens up your world to water-based activities though it might not be strong enough to take on diving!

The theme with these watches is all about flexibility and versatility. They are fitted with features that aim to inspire and open you up to new opportunities!

  • 12/24 Hour Formats for Digital Display Models

Who doesn’t love getting to experience the best of both worlds? With most G-shock models, this is exactly what you will get to experience! You will quickly be able to tell the time via its digital display and yet for those who are old-fashioned at heart, the classic and timeless analog option is a welcome feature.

  • Shock Resistance

Another feature that is given with any G-shock model has to be the shock and impact resistance. All G-shock models will come with this feature and this will elevate your experience while simultaneously making sure that you can get the most out of your watch. This way you can take it as a serious investment!

  • Alarm and Full Auto Calendar

As with most models, you can also depend on the reliable alarm that this product comes fitted with. This and the full auto-calendar will make sure that you are on top of your schedules, your meetings and life’s important deadlines!

  • Stopwatch or Chronograph

Another feature that we think any user might appreciate includes either a chronograph or a stopwatch that will make jogging and other exercises a breeze. You won’t have to rely on your smartphone or even a real stopwatch to effectively time your fastest run! Again, with these watches, you will love the versatility and ease of use.

World Time

With the world time feature, you will have the opportunity to work with a watch that can provide you with smart time zones and switching between various cities when it is necessary. This feature is great because most watches come with 48 time zones and can vary over 30 plus cities.

You should certainly look for a G-shock model that has this feature if you are interested in a lot of travel.

Backlight (electro-luminescent or LED)

The backlight is another feature that we recommend as a vital one for most watches. Many times watches will provide you with a night light that is just not as powerful and you will struggle with visibility during the night time.

However, this will not be an issue for any G-shock model that has either an LED or an electro-luminescent option for a backlight. These are reliable and will make readability much more accessible to you.

These are those that only the most high-end options will have:

  • Tough Solar power

Most of the devices on today’s list are powered by solar power and solar energy sources. However, what does that truly mean and what is the difference between regular and touch solar power? Well, for starters, this is quite a premium feature that you can expect from higher-end models.

The tough Solar System means that your watch is backed by light energy. This is achieved by the solar fields that absorb light and convert it into useful energy. This is then utilized by the watch itself and you will find that this mechanism is so advanced that you don’t even need a very powerful light source to charge the watch.

  • Multi-Band 6 (automatic time calibration)

This is one of the best features that again, more premium G-shock watches will have. This is also known as automatic time calibration because it ensures that users can effectively switch from one time zone to another and not have to worry about the time being affected in any way.

With multi-band 6 technology, the watch has a built-in antenna that will get standard time radio waves. These will be across 6 transmission zones worldwide. Usually, there are 2 in Japan, 1 in Germany, one in the UK, one in America, and one in China.

  • Triple Sensor 

This is one of the oldest forms of watch sensor technologies that we see today but they are also those that work great. This process will work using your watch’s battery power and will provide some crucial features that you will appreciate. These are specifically great for the outdoor explorer!

These features include the ability to provide you with temperatures and to measure directions via a compass feature. They also can tell barometric pressure along with altitude readings. Despite being quite old, this is also a feature you might not find in average models.

  • Bluetooth capability

This is quite the coveted feature that you can expect only from the very best that G-shock watches have to offer. Nowadays, there are rarely any devices that do not come fitted with Bluetooth capabilities and watches are no exception. However, we do think that this might be a rare feature.

This is only present in very high-end models and while Casio has a diverse portfolio when it comes to price ranges, if you want the best features, then you might have to pay a premium price as well.



We now will answer a few pressing frequently asked questions:

What is the toughest G-Shock watch?

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to the toughest G-shock watch primarily because there are so many options! However, one product range that certainly stands out is the G-Shock Frogman seriesand its popularity is proof of its overall allure.

You might be wondering exactly why this watch that looks simple enough has such raving reviews as one of the toughest options out there! Well, simply put, like its name states, the Frogman has been designed to withstand all the problems that come with land, mud,and water.

This means it can get wet, dirty, and resist a lot of impact all in one so that you cannot be limited in any way. This product is all about being carefree as a user knowing that your watch is safe from corrosion and rusting along with condensation. Its protective case ensures that water is unable to get in.

Other than this, you will also appreciate that this device can prevent dust sand, and debris from getting inside the important bits. You are truly getting a valued and long-lasting investment with this purchase. Finally, of course, as is the highlight of today’s article, this product is also powered by solar energy.

This is of course G-Shock’s Tough Solar Power that is quite impressive and will extend the longevity of your purchase quite a bit. This is all due to its ability toconvert mostly any kind of light source into usable energy and power. This is quite revolutionary because you won’t just need to be in the sun.

What is G-Shock Tough Solar?

As we have mentioned a few times in today’s review, the G-shock tough solar power is a feature that has been designed to harvest usable energy from a variety of light sources! Usually, when you think of solar energy you think of solar panels. With this product, that is still true but with a twist!

While it does come fitted with solar panels, you will find that they are truly unique due to their ability to generate power using all sorts of light sources, no matter how weak they might be. This of course has been made possible with the use ofa large-capacity rechargeable battery.

This in turn will effectively allow multiple advanced functions to operate reliably. Usually, with the tough solar power mode, you will be working with six solar cells that are connected in one row and this ensures that they will all obtain the same amount of light energy.

What is tough solar on Casio watches?

CASIO is a brand that has no comparison when it comes to reasonably affordable watches that also provide state-of-the-art features. Sturdy and reliable, its G-shock range is one such series that comes fitted with options for tough solar power. This is quite different from traditional solar-powered watches.

Why you may ask? Well, because this feature ensures that no matter what kind of light source you might have in front of you, your watch will be able to draw in its energy and create charging opportunities for itself. That is pretty revolutionary as far as watch technology is concerned.

These light sources can be lamps to your fluorescent light bulbs and these will make sure that you won’t have to worry about this device shutting down any time soon. Even if you are cooped up with your friends while sheltering from a rainstorm during the night, your LED lamp could easily power your watch!

This is remarkable as it opens up quite a few avenues for the generation ofpower. This is also a reason why these watches can justify including so many impressive features into the mix. Features such as alarms, backlights, sensors, automatic time-calibration, and 5-motor operation modes are just a few examples!

Perhaps the coolest part, however, is that this feature also allows you to rely on its effectiveness on especially cloudy days as it can soak up the weak rays that might be shining through as well. Another impressive fact about the tough solar technology in Casio is that usually, these models can last around 10-months to 2-years if you work with a full charge!

Of course, this will depend and vary from model to model but overall if a Casio watch has this feature, this is usually what it will entail.

Is the G-Shock Mud master solar-powered?

Yes, the Casio G-Shock Mud master is completely powered by solar energy. It is this feature that truly makes it one of the toughest options to consider investing in. not only does it make use of the tough solar power feature, but this device also effectively is a tough nut to crack.

It is perfect for all those users who love being in the outdoors for a slew of activities. It is water-resistant, is shock and impact resistant but most importantly, it is also completely safe from any mud, dirt, or debris from getting inside it.

Think of this watch as the Swiss army knife of watches since it is all you will need when camping, trekking or just being one with nature. This product is solar powered so it will last you quite a while and this is a definite plus when you’re far from other sources of power.

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