Best lanterns for power outage

Best Lanterns For Power Outage

A power outage can occur at any time and one of the most common reasons behind this happening is a transformer blowing up or faulty wiring acting up. To ensure that you are prepared to overcome this problem before it arises, it is wise to invest in some form of alternative light source.

That is precisely why we are looking at the best lanterns for power outage in today’s review. Most of these lanterns are powered by batteries which of course are almost always readily available for purchase. To make things even easier for our readers, we have also added in a detailed buying guide towards the end.

Best Lanterns For Power Outage Top 15 Rechargeable Picks

If you would rather take a look at the best overall product, then we recommend the Gold Armour Camping Lantern which is made by hand and also come with batteries included. If, however, you still want to know more, keep reading on!

Best lanterns for a power outage Features ImagesCheck Price
LE LED Camping Lantern Removable Cap LE LED Camping Lantern View On Amazon
Vont LED Camping Lantern Aircraft-grade materials, 2 packSuper Bright Portable Survival Lanterns View On Amazon
Energizer LED Camping Lantern 360° full-view area lighting Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane View On Amazon
Solar Lantern Hanging Lantern Ip65 waterproof protection Solar Powered Led Night Lights for camping View On Amazon
Internova LED Camping Lantern Tri-Strip LED lighting Perfect for Hurricane View On Amazon
Gold Armour Camping Lantern Military-grade material Portable Flashlight with 12 aa Batteries View On Amazon
Enbrighten LED Camping Lantern Plus Series Battery technology Enbrighten USB Charging Camping Lantern View On Amazon
Lichamp Camping Lantern Foldaway handles Outdoor Camping Flashlight Torch View On Amazon
Eveready LED Lantern 16 hours runtime Battery Powered Outdoor LED Lantern View On Amazon
Blazin’ LED Lantern Indicator lamp Rechargeable Power Bank Lantern View On Amazon
CampGuard LED Lantern Motion alarm Audio Alarm Camping Lantern View On Amazon
Etekcity Camping Lantern Compact and lightweight Etekcity Lantern LED Camping Lanterns View On Amazon
Yinuo Candle Lantern 2 light modes Yinuo Candle Flame Lantern View On Amazon
MEIHONG Solar Lantern ABS frame Solar Decoration Light View On Amazon
Evermore Light Candle Lantern ON/OFF/TIMER switch Vintage Style Candle Lantern View On Amazon

1. Best Lantern For Camping – LE LED Camping Lantern

Best Lantern For Camping

The first product in today’s list is called the LE LED Camping Lantern which is an excellent emergency lantern. It is also a user-friendly device as it comes fitted with 2 hooks on the top and bottom of it. This means users will have 2 options to hang the product and get more amount of light.

Since this is the perfect product meant to be used in outdoor activities such as fishing, walking, jogging, camping, hiking, and more, it makes sense that it is completely waterproof. This is thanks to IPX4 protection. In terms of light features, this product comes with1000 Lumens brightness, and to ensure that you get a holistic lighting experience, it has 360-degree lighting.

Since one can never be sure how long a power outage might last, this brightest led lantern can last as long as 12 to 24 hours at a time. It uses batteries to function but unfortunately, those have to be bought separately.

There is also a removable cap which means that the lantern can be used upside down for convenience. With the inclusion of 4 light modes users can choose between cool white at 700lm, warm white at 300lm, cool white at 1000lm, and finally, flash mode at 1000lm.

  • 4 Light Modes
  • IPX4 protection grade
  • Removable Cap
  • Comes with 2 hooks
  • Dimming settings
  • 1000 Lumens brightness
  • 360-degree lighting
  • Batteries not included


2. Best Emergency Lighting For Power Outage – Vont LED Camping Lantern

Best Emergency Lighting For Power Outage

Our next emergency LED lantern for the best lanterns for power outage is the Vont LED Camping Lantern which comes with a lifetime guarantee on the product. While other products always have some condition for their warranty, this one is ensured in case you lose it, it is stolen, or even if there are any issues with the construction or function of the product itself.

This is slightly more expensive than some of the more budget-friendly options on our list but it is just as long-lasting and bright. This is thanks to the inclusion of 30 extremely bright LEDs that are fitted inside it. It has a total battery life of about 90 hours at a time. This along with the 360-degree lighting ability makes it 3 times as powerful as other options in the market.

The device is both extremely lightweight and small enough to fit in your rucksack or backpack in case you are traveling or hiking. To make this even easier, the product collapses to become even more compact with the aid of its patented collapsible design. This also affects the brightness of the lantern.

One of the most important features you can have in an emergency is a rugged product that can withstand damage. This one is both waterproof and has been made with aircraft grade materials. This allows it to overcome a 10-foot drop and can even be submerged in water.

  • 30 LEDs
  • Over 90 hour’s life
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Collapsible design
  • 10-foot drop
  • Waterproof vont lantern
  • Aircraft-grade materials
  • Slightly expensive

3. Energizer LED Camping Lantern – 3 Light Modes

Water-Resistant Tent Light

Moving onto the next camping lantern product, we have the Energizer LED Camping Lantern which is another great option if you are looking for a lantern meant for a power outage, emergencies, or even just for leisurely camping trips. It has enough power to instantly light up an entire room or a camping tent as it comes with 500 lumens.

Not only that, but it works with the ability to switch between 3 light modes for more versatility. These include the night, low, and high light options. It has a total run-time of about 350 hours. The device is completely water-resistant since it comes with an IPX4 construction that allows it to not get damaged in the rain or even if it is splashed.

This completely rugged and long-lasting product comes with an integrated handle which is both ergonomic and makes portability convenient. This device also can provide a 360° full-view area lighting option.

  • Water-resistant
  • 3 light modes
  • 350 hours of run-time
  • 500 lumens
  • Integrated handle
  • 360° full-view area lighting
  • No warranty

4. Solar Waterproof Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Waterproof Outdoor Hanging Lantern

The Solar Lantern Hanging Lantern is our next product which of course as the name suggests is powered entirely by solar energy. This is an excellent emergency lantern as it means you incur no extra costs of electricity or purchasing batteries. Of course, the implication is that you will need to charge it each time the sun comes out.

Visually, it is quite appealing and it even mimics the flickering of actual flames. It can be used anywhere you like but since it has to be charged in the mornings, it is ideal for your garden, patio, and porch, or even near a window. The device itself comes with a circular ring and a hanging option which makes it quite simple to install.

It has been designed to turn on automatically in the evenings as soon as the sun goes down. This allows you to save your time and energy. Since it is meant to be hanged outside, it makes sense for it to have a waterproof construction and it is made with Ip65 so that it can withstand the elements.

  • No need to buy batteries
  • Durable hanging lamp
  • Circular ring
  • Ip65 waterproof protection
  • Auto mode
  • Time-saving
  • Needs the sun to power up

5. Internova Monster LED Camping Lantern For Hurricane

LED Camping Lantern for Hurricane

The next contender we have for the best lanterns for power outage is called the Internova Monster LED Camping Lantern. The only drawback of this device is that when compared to some of the other products on this list, this is a device that only has 5 hours of runtime. However, it comes with Tri-Strip LED lighting which stays cool to the touch when in use.

This LED lantern also comes with 4 built-in modes that are low, high, medium, and medium-high. The Internova LED Lantern also provides users maximum lumens from 800 to 1500 depending on the need. This means that whether you get a power outage on the night of an exam or while out camping, this camping lantern has you covered.

One of the most important properties of any lantern should be its lightweight construction and compactness. This one has both and for comfort, it even comes with an ergonomic top handle. Finally, to ensure that the product can be attached to any surface, there is a built-in retractable base hook.

  • 800 to 1500 lumens output
  • Ergonomic top handle
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Retractable base hook
  • 4 lantern emergency light modes
  • Tri-Strip LED lighting
  • Average run-time

6. Gold Armour 4 Pack LED Portable Camping Lantern

Portable Camping Lantern

If you want a lasting product, consider investing in the Gold Armour Camping Lantern which has been made with military-grade ABS material which ensures that it is of the most premium quality. It is also both CE and ROHS certified so you know it is reliable. This LED lanterns comes with 30 low-powered LED bulbs which guarantee a longer run-time of 12 hours.

It comes with 12 AA batteries included which means you are set for some time at least. It not only can get you up to 360 degrees of lighting but it also can power up all sorts of places with its 135 lumens.

The best part is that you can purchase this item with the guarantee that your issues and problems will be addressed in case something is wrong. It comes with a 15-year warranty from the manufacturer and there is also a 90-day return refund guarantee.

  • 12 AA batteries included
  • 90-day refund guarantee
  • 15-year warranty
  • FCC, ROHS certified
  • 30 individual LED bulbs
  • 360-degree lighting
  • 135 lumens
  • Military-grade material
  • None really

7. Enbrighten LED Camping or Hiking Lantern With USB Charging

Hiking Lantern with USB Charging

Next, we are reviewing the Enbrighten LED Camping Lantern which does come with a 5-year warranty but it is limited so it may not address all issues. However, the brand also adds in a special lifetime guarantee for help.

We appreciate the inclusion of the USB charging ability which ensures that the user can charge the product when needed for longer use. However, the product does not come with the cable or the charger and these are an additional cost. This lantern employs special bright white LED technology which ensures that you get energy-saving options and also a consistent color temperature.

This lantern is the best lantern for power outage situations since it uses an omnidirectional battery-operation solution that gives out 800 lumens of light. There is also 360-degree coverage which means you can use it in a variety of situations.

If you use this product on the low settings, it can get you around 200 hours and if you use it on the low settings, it can get you around 35 hours. It allows the user to choose from 3-level dimming features which include high, medium, and low settings.

  • Bright white LED technology
  • 800 lumen light
  • 360-degree coverage
  • 200 hours on low setting
  • 3-level dimming feature
  • Plus Series Battery technology
  • omnidirectional battery-operation
  • Accessories not included
  • 5-year limited and lifetime guarantee

8. Lichamp Portable High Lumen Outdoor Camping Flashlight

Portable High Lumen Hiking Flashlight

The next product we have for you today is called the Lichamp Camping Lantern which is a product that is super versatile and reliable since it comes with a year-long warranty. Other than this it also can be collapsed to become completely compact and portable. This foldable option means that it offers convenient suspension options.

This lantern is the best emergency lanterns for power outage or emergencies since it uses advanced COB technology which emits 350 lumens for brighter and less harsh light. It is also fitted with 30 energy-efficient LEDs and has coverage that covers 360-degrees.

Other than these functions, the Lichamp lantern also does not get too hot to the touch and makes use of 3 AA batteries. However, the batteries do not come included in the package.

The entire product is made of a military-grade construction which is not only durable and lightweight but is also water-resistant. This ensures that no matter the temperature or weather conditions, you will be able to make sure the product does not get damaged.

  • Vont emergency lighting
  • 30 LED bulbs
  • COB technology
  • 350 lumens
  • 1-year warranty
  • Foldaway handles
  • Military-grade and water-resistant material
  • 3 AA batteries not included

9. Eveready 360 LED Camping Water Resistant Lantern

Eveready 360 LED Camping Lantern

The Eveready LED camping Lantern is the next contender for the best lanterns meant for a power outage, for a leisurely walk out at night, for camping purposes, and more! This entire package comes with 2 lanterns and 3 AA batteries which will last you quite some time. The device is collapsible and foldable which means that it can be stored and transported with ease.

This best flashlights for power outages comes with 2 main methods with which you can hang the product. There are a strong magnetic base and a base hook to hang the lanterns which means that you have versatile options depending on the kind of use you have for the product.

If that hasn’t been enough to convince you to invest in this product, then you will appreciate the inclusion of 4 light modes which consist of a flashing red strobe, a 360-degree lantern mode, a red night vision mode, and a directional flashlight mode.

Finally, this device comes with a long-lasting runtime. If you use it on lantern mode, it can run for up to 16 hours and on flashlight mode, it can last for 9 hours.

  • Comes with 2 lanterns
  • 3 AA batteries included
  • Strong magnetic base
  • 4 light modes
  • 16 hours runtime
  • None really

10. Blazin’ LED Lantern Rechargeable For Power Outages

Rechargeable Lantern for Power Outages

Moving on in our review for the best lanterns for power outage, we have the Blazin’ LED Lantern which is one of the sturdiest products on this list thanks to its ability to be drop-proof from a distance of 5-feet. Along with that, it is also completely waterproof in case of a thunderstorm, rain, snowfall, or extreme weather temperatures.

Along with being able to withstand extreme conditions, the Blazin LED lantern also comes with an impressive high-performance lumen range. It can get up to 1000 lumens of light and works on 2 batteries.

Thanks to the 100-lumen range and its 360-degree coverage, it can provide around 150 times more light.  It comes with 6 modes which include both white and red lighting. The best part is that users will benefit from its 100 percent lifetime guarantee policy.

It is fully rechargeable as well and can be charged from a wall socket or your car. It can last for as long as 350 hours at a time. In case you were worried about it dying out unexpectedly, this device comes with an indicator lamp that is built-in and which shows the current power level.

  • 1000 Lumen
  • 360-degree coverage
  • 6 modes
  • 50% longer life
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Water-resistant
  • 5-feet drop-proof
  • Indicator lamp
  • None really

11. CampGuard LED Camping Lantern With Motion and Audio Alarm

LED Camping Lantern with Motion and Audio Alarm

The CampGuard LED Lantern is our next product for today and it needs 4D alkaline batteries which unfortunately are not included. This means they are an additional cost that you have to bear.

This is an ultra-bright LED lantern that emits around 400 Lumens. This allows the product to have a runtime of approximately 200 hours. This means that you are investing in a long-lasting product. You will also get coverage of about 360 degrees.

The coolest feature in this device is that unlike all others on this list, it is the only one with a motion sensor that also has alarm settings. It will turn on and off depending on what the motion sensor catches. The light will turn back off if there is no activity detected for 15 seconds.

  • 400 Lumens
  • Lasts for 200 hours
  • Motion alarm
  • 360-degree coverage
  • Auto shut off
  • 4d Alkaline batteries not included

12. Etekcity Camping Lantern For Power Outages

Suitable for Camping

Moving on with our list, we are now reviewing the Etekcity Camping Lantern for Power Outages which doesn’t have a warranty. However, it isn’t a complete letdown because this lantern is completely certified by both FCC and RoHS.

Thanks to the 30 individual energy-saving LED bulbs, users will get a very brilliant lighting performance. It can emit a 360° coverage of light while also being good for the environment. This product is the best rechargeable lantern for power outage.

This device has been manufactured out of a durable and military-grade ABS material which means that it can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. It is also quite lightweight and this allows it to be transported with ease. This is aided by its ability to be folded.

  • 30 individual LED bulbs
  • 360° coverage
  • FCC Certified, RoHS Compliant
  • Military-grade ABS material
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Foldable design
  • No warranty

13.Yinuo Candle Flame Night Lights Vintage Tent Lantern

Camping Lantern Tent Light

As the name suggests, the Yinuo Candle Lantern has been designed to mimic a candle which of course is excellent if you want to create a warm atmosphere in your backyard. The outdoor setting comes with a candle flame and a flickering mode as well which can easily be switched with the push of a button.

The device is very convenient to use and can be attached anywhere with the use of the hook that it comes with. It is also super lightweight and portable so you won’t have to worry about having to transport it.

Finally, this lantern comes with an infrared remote control that allows users to select and adjust the 2 modes as per their desire. Of course, you may also simply press the switch to change this but it is an added convenience in this rechargeable emergency lantern.

  • Infrared remote control
  • Attachment hook
  • 2 light modes
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fewer features

14. MEIHONG Decorations Solar Hanging Lantern

Decorations Solar Hanging Lantern

The MEIHONG Solar Lantern is next up on today’s list and it has a ton of interesting features that make it a wonderful emergency lantern rechargeable to invest in case of power outages, emergencies, or hiking and camping. It comes with a visually appealing flicker mode which mimics candles for a pleasant outdoor setting.

Since it is powered by solar energy, it is both eco-friendly and comes with an auto on and off function which works by sensing the sunrise or sunset. It needs about 6 to 8 hours to recharge fully but once charged, it will function adequately from sunrise to sunset.

The construction quality is excellent as this product is made with high-quality and durable ABS plastic. Other than this is it also completely waterproof so rain, snow, or hail won’t affect its functions. Finally, you will get a year-long warranty with this product, and the customer services representatives will respond within a day in case of an issue.

  • Flickering effect
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Durable ABS Plastic
  • 1-year warranty
  • Energy-Saving
  • Auto On-OFF
  • None really

15. Evermore Light 14″ Golden Brushed Vintage Style Candle Lantern

Hanging Lantern for Indoor and Outdoor

Our final battery lantern light option for today’s list is called the Evermore Light Candle Lantern and the only drawback here is that it is somewhat more expensive when compared to other items on our list for the best lanterns for power outages.

Other than that, there are no let downs as this product is made with 4 durable panes made of tempered glass. This means that it is sturdy enough to withstand extreme temperatures while being visually appealing. Other construction benefits include a tough and reliable metallic bronze coating on the ABS frames which makes the product far easier to transport.

With this device, users will get a year-long guarantee on the quality and value of the product so that if any issues arise, their problems will be addressed promptly. This is also aided by the fact that their customer service is friendly and cooperative. The 4 AA batteries that you need for each lantern come included and there is also a user-friendly switch that handles ON, OFF, and TIMER functions.

  • 4 clear tempered glass-panes
  • Metallic bronze coating
  • ABS frames
  • 4 AA batteries included
  • ON/OFF/TIMER switch
  • 1-year warranty
  • Excellent customer service
  • Slightly expensive

Buying Guide

Now we have reached the end of our review for the best survival lanterns and emergency LED lanterns we are moving on to our buying guide which will help you figure out the main factors you should be considering when purchasing a lantern. After that, we will also go over the main FAQs.

LED lanterns are not especially a technical product but to make your search for the best lanterns for power outage slightly easier, here are the main factors we think are crucial.

Construction and build

the device should be sturdy enough to withstand most weather conditions as lanterns are usually meant for outdoor settings. Most will come with waterproof features as well.


Brightness for lanterns and LED devices is measured in lumens so that is the first thing you should look at. The amount and kind of lumens required will depend on the type of activity you are engaging in. we will cover this ahead in our FAQs.

Power Source

as you have observed in today’s list, best LED lantern can come with a variety of power options. These include rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, USB charging, batteries, and of course solar energy as well. With so many options, you should have no trouble figuring out the kind of product you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best source of light during a power outage?

The kind of light source that is best in case of a power outage will always rely heavily on what your use will be. Here are some of the best ones in our opinion:


There is no denying that flashlights are a staple for any camping trip/ outdoor activity. This is because they are so compact and portable and can be lit up with just a few batteries. You can also find and invest in solar-powered ones but these might be slightly more expensive.

Solar Powered Lamps

Solar power cannot go wrong since it is renewable and eco-friendly. Initially, the product might be expensive but once you realize there are no additional costs such as electricity or battery, you will know this is a good investment. They can last anywhere from 6 to 10 hours at a time. These are also the perfect camping lanterns.

Kerosene Lamps

Another viable option is Kerosene lamps which of course predate electricity or battery-powered options. They are the most affordable options but might have long-lasting health issues.

How can I light a room with no power?

In case of a power outage or a blackout, you have to figure out alternative sources of energy to light up your room or space. One of the most technologically advanced and innovative methods used nowadays is solar energy. It is expensive initially, however it pays off in the longer run. They can be recharged and usually recharge in a total time of 8 hours.

LED lights and flashlights are other great options and these are completely portable. They can be recharged or use batteries. However, the only issue with flashlights is that they are great for a short term problem as they might not light an entire room.

Battery-powered lanterns are another affordable and practical alternative method to light up a room. They are completely safe if you have children and most come with features that allow them to stay cool to the touch.  

How many lumens do you need for a lantern?

LED light brightness is measured in lumens which means that the more the lumens of a certain product, the brighter it will be. In most lanterns, the starting point for lumens is 40 and can reach up to 1000 as well.

The number of lumens required for a survival lantern will depend entirely on what you aim to use it for. If you want to use it in a camping tent, 100 lumens should be enough. If you want to use it to light your backyard or patio anything from 350 lumens to 500 should be enough.

What is the best rechargeable emergency lantern light?

Even though there are a ton of options you can choose to invest in for the best emergency lantern, the Gold Armour Rechargeable Solar Flashlight is one of the best ones. This is because it uses alternative methods to electricity and finishes off the hassle of having to keep purchasing batteries. This is all thanks to it being powered by solar energy.

However that’s not all, if you need it at night when the sun is not present, there is a hand crank option as well which allows you to manually light it up in case of an emergency. This LED bulb also comes with 3 impressive light modes which include flash, high, and mid-power.  Finally, the Best lanterns for power outage is also completely waterproof and can be submerged at a distance of 45 feet.

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