Cutest ride-on Suitcase

Traveling alone or with family, no matter how we travel but everyone gets tired and cranky at some point. So we need the best carry-on luggage (particularly for airlines) that not only carries our stuff but also functions along our trip. The Airwheel is an electric ride-on suitcase that carries you around the airport, particularly between terminals which require miles of walking sometimes.

Perfect Luggage & E-Scotter

  • 12-month Warranty
  • Product Size: 350x240x560 mm
  • Body Weight: 7.1 kg
  • Maximum Load: 100 kg
  • Battery Capacity: 73.26 wh
  • APP Control
  • Intelligent Loss Alarm System

When the  luggage becomes a means of transportation, we no longer have to worry about the problem of overweight luggage, we can also enjoy the fun of riding on the way, and enjoy the scenery along the way on the luggage!

Ever Thought that luggage

Can also be ridden?

Airwheel launched an amazing rideable luggage, so that you can ride wild during the journey, and say goodbye to heavy luggage. The long walks to hotels or between terminals are no longer a problem, just get on the luggage and ride along.

A Magic Luggage can take you everywhere.

Airwheel luggage is more suitable for most people's body types,everyone can ride in a more comfortable and graceful position.

Best for Your?